dot.comedy - toggle lyrics

welcome, my friends, to the new economy
where all your dreams will never end
because dreams are all youíll ever have here
and all our schemes on you depend

dot.comedy, dot.comedy
all we want is a little more
dot.comedy, dot.comedy
follow me and youíll never be poor

weíll take any old idea
give it a spin to make it new
then Iíll sell all that I invested
itís all for me and none for you!

dot.comedy, dot.comedy
all we want is a little more
dot.comedy, dot.comedy
the show goes on behind closed doors

everyone around you is still laughing
but you donít seem to get the joke
the rich will keep on getting righer,
and the rest of us will all go broke!

dot.comedy, dot.comedy
you make a living buy and selling greed,
dot.comedy, dot.comedy
but how much money do you really need?

bleak - toggle lyrics

the breaks are out, weíre gaining speed
the recall notice never showed
itís just more bad news i donít need
weíll hit the wall having never slowed

giving up and breaking ranks
struggling just sinks us quicker
standing up to a line of tanks
or take the pill that makes you sicker

the house is filthy, burn it down
though itís my home and property
my lighter spent, my matches drowned
and uninsured for honesty

diabetes, muscle loss
though we just ate, letís have a snack
digest the meat before it rots
filter the cancer through your tract

life is beautiful and long
or should be if we do it right
itís obvious weíve done it wrong
letís keep it brief, letís toil and fight

please kill my creativity
and that which makes me unfulfilled
too tired to fight for dignity
itís not my call, itís all godís will

the highs arenít quite as high
but the downs are so much worse
following the parade route
with a dustpan is a curse

how Ďbout i stay inside
how Ďbout i shut my eyes
how Ďbout i try to seal the doors
as the sea begins to rise

pawn - toggle lyrics

checkmate! i lose again!
you use me, abuse me,
push me around just so you
can use me, i wonít be that easy
iím not your pawn! checkmate!

ponderous - toggle lyrics

crawling along the ocean floor
crushing weight wonít split the skin
surfacing a mile offshore
winning smile and dorsal fin

no fear like the fear of death
unless it is the fear of shame
ponderous and dangerous
and no one weíre allowed to blame

fear and tedium collide
beat the dog and make him mean
red light, green light, open fire
checkpoint Charlie needs caffeine


strip them, gag them, bind their wrists
pile them up and watch the show
theyíre not human, god insists
because my bible tells me so


sweat it out and swallow hard
keep down what you canít say out loud
pull up a rock, letís stay awhile
our country needs us, arenít we proud?


reading, writing & small arms fire - toggle lyrics

abandon the youth - lie about the truth
ignoring their pain - hold them in disdain
the confusion takes hold - the bullets are sold
the students donít know how the day will go
your education ends in black attire

small arms fire

the youth of today have nothing to say
passive and dumb Ė but wielding a gun
their rage is just fear as the future draws near
they see no way out Ė so they shoot their way out
they live and breath just one desperate desire

small arms fire

you can blame the tv Ė and to a lesser degree
the drugs that they do Ė but it was all up to you
the anger is there Ė the voice of despair
no reason for hope Ė their futureís a joke
donít be surprised one day if you acquire

small arms fire

bedtime for democracy - toggle lyrics

theyíre taking from the free (from you and me)
the rights we just donít need (we just donít need Ďem)
to keep us safe indoors (bolt that door)
to fight the war on terror (one liberty at a time)
stirring up the hatred (for other lands)
arrogant patriot (pick up your gun)
weíll take the fight to them (screw the un)
a fight no one will condemn

bedtime for democracy
bedtime for democracy
we all just need some sleep
lie down and act like sheep

theyíve been lying to everyone
about weapons, oil, bin laden and saddam
theyíre controlling what gets on the air
they claim to be unbiased and fair
carry out their personal vendetta
weíll be paying for it you betcha!
but no need to be concerned (itís NOT OK)
itís how weíre choosing to be governed


bombs - toggle lyrics

canít you see bombs are falling?
canít you hear death is calling?
canít you see bodies flying?
canít you see children dying?
donít you know warís a sin?
donít you see Bushís grin?
Are you all going to fry?
Are you all going to die?

You sure areÖ

reproductive left - toggle lyrics

before time began
god made earth and then a man
set him free like a hooligan
to screw up the world just as fast as he can

say you know godís true will?
Then take aim and make the kill

Where does woman fit in to the plan?
Stay out of the way, work on that tan
She canít possibly understand
What it takes to be in command!

Pledge your heart to the one you love
But when it comes to sex youíre the one above

A womanís problems arenít my concern
Let every unwed mother burn
Just when will they ever learn
Iíll decide who goes full term!

Forbid contraception
Complain about the population
Fundamentalist bible-thumping
Self-riteous ego punping

Say you know godís true will?
Then take aim and make the kill

Blowing up clinics in the name of god
Your churchís love is such a fraud
Ignore your commandements
Compassion for no one else

Waging war on everyone
Killing off everything under the sun

I canít get over the irony
Of ending life to set it free
Humanity killed off overnight
Take away reproductive rightsÖ
Whatís left?

supreme court jesters - toggle lyrics

one person one vote
subject to change without note
proofing again that shit floats
to the top

nail the ballot box tight
to scare to put up a fight?
election ambushed in the night
make it stop

supreme court jesters
wake me, I donít like this dream
supreme court jesters
Iíll just laugh so I donít scream

Its all gone from bad to worse
We gave them the 2nd, they stole the first
Gimmie a bottle, Iím dying of thirst
Fill my cup

Throw human rights on the shit heap
For mankind a backward giant leap
Democracy put to sleep so deep
It never wakes up


The fewer people voting the better
Youíre pissed off? Just write Ďem a letter
Then dip it in gas and set Ďer on fire
And then throwÖ

The gestures of jesters are obscene
Democracy comes apart at the seams
They claim to be wise men
but that donít mean that they know shit!