If you like what we have to say, help us promote the release of 'bleak' in your area by downloading and printing some copies of this flyer. Cut them in half and post them around town, in music stores, coffee shops, work break rooms, etc.

If you send us a picture of flyers in your hometown we'll hook you up with free pins, stickers and our sincere thanks! Send .jpgs of you and your most interesting flyer posting location to or mail prints to ANXIETY PO Box 449 Placerville, CA 95667. Remember to include info on how we can contact you!


September 11 2006 is the 5th anniversary of the largest terror attack on the United States. Do you feel any safer today than 5 years ago? For a limited time we're offering "bleak" for a commemorative price.



"Pawn" was one of the first songs ever written for ANXIETY. The message is simple and the sentiment hasn't changed in over 20 years- "I won't be willingly pushed around or manipulated by government propaganda, deceptive media, or thoughtless corporations." The wealth of this country is being concentrated into the pockets of a smaller and smaller percentage of the population, and those numbers do not include most of us. When it comes to wielding power and influence most of us feel that we're just too busy trying to keep our heads above water to take a stand on important issues. And that's just the way the powerful like it. If we're too busy trying to survive, they assume we won't take the time to stand up to their tactics.

In our small way, we hope that this simple mantra, "I'm not your pawn" will help people raise their awareness about the schemes and ploys of those that do not have our best interests in mind. It could be a manipulative friend or a manipulative multi-national corporation. Their goal is all the same - to take advantage of you and keep you from realizing the power you have to effect change in the world.


Mark, Chris and Todd