ANXIETY THEN... (1985 - 1989)

(Please Note: This is the history according to Mark Tippin as compiled from notes and letters from over the years. Every effort has been made to make it as accurate as possible.)


ANXIETY was founded in 1985 by Mark Tippin, Jim Smith and Jeff Maser while we were in high school in San Jose, CA. The original band name was “Local Hardcore” but changed it to “ANXIETY” within a few weeks. Our first practices were without a drummer and although none of us really knew how to play, we worked out a system of notation in order to share song ideas in between jam sessions.

We played our first show – without a drummer – at our highschool. The bill was ANXIETY and NASAL SEX. Sometime later, Jeff introduced the band to Darryl Sweet, a talented drummer from our school, and the first real band lineup was complete. We managed to record a demo cassette, “Are you the dumb one?” at a small studio in someone’s back yard in Palo Alto. Before we played a second show, Jim who had changed his name to Alx Dark, left the band.

We continued to practice as a trio until Jimbo “Blockhead” Pitts asked to join the band to sing vocals in 1986. We played one show with him at the On Broadway. Then we learned just how unpopular he was in the scene. MAXIMUMROCKANDROLL even ran an entire cover photo of Jimbo with the words “Banned From The Scene.” He did hook us up to play with the Adolescents, but in time we knew that he wasn’t a good fit for the band.

Shortly after Jimbo left, Jeff introduced us to a guitar player from his neighborhood. Tony Sly joined the band in 1986 and this was the lineup for the bulk of the shows we played and the next studio demo we recorded, “Instruments of the Passion.” We ran an ad in MAXIMUMROCKANDROLL and sold a few hundred copies – and got a decent review.

(Review from MRR #49, June '87)

In 1987 we had written enough new material to go back into the studio, but when it came time to record Jeff had a bad case of mono so I played the bass tracks. As soon as the drum tracks were done, Darryl packed up his kit and left for college. Tony and I worked to finish the mix, but for all intensive purposes this phase of ANXIETY was over. “Horror Visions” was a great demo, but was not to be released. The first phase of ANXIETY's history was over and this lineup never played together again.

In 1988 I re-formed ANXIETY with new musicians from the San Jose area. Brett Cappelluti joined in for a few jams, and introduced Corin Stiggall, an amazing bass player. This lineup never played any shows, but Corin and I started writing lots of new material. Soon, Jim Monack joined the band on drums and the next gigging lineup was complete.

At the time, Steve Von Till of Neruosis and I had met at SJSU and were tinkering with video editing and computer manipulation for use in the early Neurosis shows. Steve agreed to record the next batch of ANXIETY material with his portable studio. This “Demo ‘88” was never released, but it did provide us the material we needed to play a few shows at the Cactus Club in San Jose, The Gilman Street Project and a great show in Davis with STIKKY.

Corin soon left for the East Coast and a professional Jazz career. Although I did find a talented replacement named “Johnboy” McGeechan for a show at the Cactus Club, this second phase of ANXIETY ended in 1989. It would also mark the year I started my design studio.



Circle Jerks Show - Fencing Center, San Jose 1987 - Jeff Maser on bass. Ironically, to the far right is Chris Wilder, who would join the band on bass 13 years later.

Gilman Street, Berkeley 1987 - Mark wearing the CJ shirt he traded with Keith Morris.

Anxiety Band Logo c.1986

Instruments of the Passion - Cassette J-Card




For the first time in many years the band was not the main creative outlet in my life. I started a design studio (Cranium Design) to work on flyers, T-Shirts and album packaging for local bands. ANXIETY had shared the bill a few years before with Chris and Todd Wilder's band, STIKKY, at the On Broadway, but it wasn’t until Mark and Chris were in the same honors science course in '86-'87 that we got to really connect. Later, Chris Wilder was asked to join MDC and conduct a would tour that included North and South America, Europe and Russia. Chris Wilder and Steve Von Till were responsible for hooking me up with several design and illustration projects including:

Corrupted Morals, “Chet” EP – Cover Illustration
Nurosis, “Souls At Zero” LP – Cover Illustration / Design
MDC, “Shades of Brown” CD – Packaging Design / Cover Illustration / “Cop-Badge” Logo
MDC, “Thanks for giving me what I didn’t want…” EP – Packaging Design / Illustrations

Eventually the design work turned into interactive multimedia CD-Rom development and eventually Java development and web design. I found myself right in the middle of the "" phenomenon and was product manager for a visual Java programming tool (Hyperwire) for Kinetix (now discreet), right around the corner from South Park in San Francisco where Dave Eggers started "Might" and Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe founded "Wired." Those years in the Bay Area were amazing. It seemed as though the DIY youth of the punk scene had taken all they learned and were forging a new, intelligent and fiercely creative culture that would show the world what was possible. But all that was going to change...



NOW... (2000 - The Present)


11 years passed. It was 2000. Y2K. We'd gone from Reagan to Bush Sr. to Clinton and now “Dubya” was in office (illegally).

I had been hosting open “jams” in my basement studio in Menlo Park and Chris and Todd Wilder were regular attendees. When the 2000 election nightmare happened I asked Chris and Todd if they would be interested in re-forming ANXIETY. They entusiastically agreed and we started writing material immediately. We already had a few songs nailed down when the bubble burst and the 9/11 attacks took place. Within a few, short months I had been “downsized” out of a job and watched as the world changed forever with the demise of the World Trade Center.

It was another five years before everyone’s life had settled and we gathered to complete the album, “bleak.” The basic tracking was completed in a day and a half in Chris’ studio in Los Gatos. I then worked on the mixes and the mastering for several more months. It took another two months to review all the clippings and material I had been collecting since the late 90's and assemble them into the design for the CD packaging.

ANXIETY – bleak is a 13-track CD with some of the best material ANXIETY has produced yet thanks to the talents Chris and Todd lent to the project. The album is available now on this site and via CD-Baby.


"bleak" an all new 13-track release from ANXIETY


Band Members Past and Present

Mark Tippin

ANXIETY: Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting, Artwork, Recording Engineering, Production for all releases.

Mark started ANXIETY and has reformed the band three times (so far) to make noise about important issues. He considers himself fortunate to have worked with each of the friends/musicians listed here on so many projects. He currently lives in the Sierra Foothills with his wife and new son who both support him in the newest incarnation of ANXIETY. He is a graphic designer and a software engineer.

1985 - Current
Chris Wilder

ANXIETY: Bass, Vocals, Songwriting, Co-producer of "bleak"

Chris Wilder has been involved with a number of bands including: STIKKY, MDC, MARGINAL PROPHETS, METALLINGUS and I'VE NEVER BEEN TO BRISBANE. He can play damn near any tune on request and is fluent in rock, metal, punk, jazz, fusion, hip-hop, raeggae. He lives his convictions and currently earns a nickel by raising money for the VMC foundation. He's also on the board of directors for the San Jose Jazz Society.

2000 - Current
Todd Wilder

ANXIETY: Drums, Vocals, Song arrangements

Todd Wilder has been involved with a number of bands including: STIKKY, INKA-INKA and I'VE NEVER BEEN TO BRISBANE. He is the fastest drummer I've ever worked with and the nicest human being I've ever met. He's also wicked smart and knows quite a bit about things like wine.

2000 - Current
Jim Monack

ANXIETY: Drums, Practice Space (!)

Jim Monack is the reason why ANXIETY survived the initial breakup in 1987. He provided the enthusiasm and sincere energy that showed me how the concept of ANXIETY could survive (and thrive) with new members. After ANXIETY, Jim went on to form THE CHEESEBALLS, DARWIN'S WAITING ROOM and SMALL WONDER. He currently teaches highschool in Washington D.C.

1988 - 1989
Corin Stiggall

ANXIETY: Bass, Songwriting

Corin infused new energy and a new level of talent and musicianship that I never could have attained on my own. It was clear to me that he was headed places so I'm glad I was able to borrow his talent for a while. After ANXIETY, Corin left to attend several renown East Coast music schools and pursue a professional career in music. He has lent his talents to a number of projects, most notably THE CORIN STIGGALL QUARTET and PHARAOH'S DAUGHTER.

1988 - 1989
Jeff Maser

ANXIETY: Bass, Vocals, Songwriting, Artwork

Jeff is the original bassist for the band. Jeff contributed material and vocals for the “Instruments of the Passion” and “Horror Visions” demos as well as the design for our first demo "Are you the dumb one?" After ANXIETY, Jeff formed BANANAFISH with Darryl Sweet and Tony Sly. Later Darryl and Jeff formed ARCH RIVAL. He currently owns and operates DETRITUS BOOKS & DETRITUS RECORDS.

1985 - 1987
Darryl Sweet

ANXIETY: Drums, Vocals, Songwriting

Darryl is the original drummer for the band. Darryl contributed material for the “Instruments of the Passion” demo and recorded drums for both “Instruments of the Passion” and “Horror Visions” demos. We didn't really have a band until he showed up with a set of drums. After ANXIETY, Darryl formed BANANAFISH with Jeff Maser and Tony Sly. He later formed ARCH RIVAL with Jeff Maser. He is also the creative force behind THE HOOVES and ROGUE CHEDDAR.

1985 - 1987
Jim Smith
(AKA Alx Dark)

ANXIETY: Vocals, Songwriting

Jim is the original vocalist for the band. Our first practices were at his folks house in East San Jose. Jim wrote many of the lyrics for the songs on our very first demo, “Are you the dumb one?” and performed at our very first public show with Nasal Sex in San Jose. After leaving ANXIETY, Jim went on to pursue advanced degrees in sociology. He has published a number of works and is also an acomplished software engineer.

Tony Sly

ANXIETY: Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting

Tony added a second guitar to the lineup and provided material and vocals for both “Instruments of the Passion” and “Horror Visions” demos. After leaving ANXIETY, Tony went on to join BANANAFISH and NO USE FOR A NAME.

1986 - 1987
John McGeechan
(AKA Johnboy)

ANXIETY: Bass, Vocals, Artwork

Unfortunately I completely lost touch with John after ANXIETY stopped in 1989.

1989 (no photo available)
Brett Cappelluti


Although Brett never played a show or recorded with ANXIETY, he was instrumental in helping me get the band kick-started a second time. I have since lost touch with Brett.

1988 (no photo available)
Jim Pitts
(AKA Blockhead)

ANXIETY: Vocals (for one show)

Blockhead had some connections and did get us hooked up with the Adolescents/Gang Green show at the On Broadway. But, he just didn't fit in with the band. I saw him a few years back in Menlo Park. I wonder if he's still "Banned From The Scene" ?

1986 (no photo available)




“Are you the dumb one?” – Cassette / 1985 (Sold Out)

“Instruments of the Passion” – Cassette / 1986 (Sold Out)

“Horror Visions” – Cassette / 1987 (Sold Out)

“Demo 88” – material recorded 1988, never released.

“Instruments of the Passion / Horror Visions” – Limited edition CD / 2000 (Sold Out)

“bleak” – CD / 2006 release AVAILABLE NOW!